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Realizing a world of wealth with digital manufacturing, utilizing metal additive manufacturing (AM)

Ryota Kusaka, President & CEO, JAMPT Corporation

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What is MetalAdditive Manufacturing (AM) Technology?

Additive Manufacturing (AM), also known as 3D printing, is a general term for technologies in which layers of materials such as polymers or metal powders are added continuously on top of each other, one layer at a time, to create 3D objects. Metal AM is utilized mainly for industrial applications, in fields such as aerospace, automotive, precision parts and medical treatment.

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JAMPT’s Advantage

JAMPT is the first service bureau in Japan that is capable of providing comprehensive services in the field of metal AM, handling everything from powder development and manufacture to prototyping and mass production needs.Utilizing the technical experience of Koiwai Co., Ltd. (a pioneer in the world of Japanese service bureaus) and academic backing of Professor Akihiko Chiba (of the Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University), and the global network and information-gathering capabilities of Sojitz Corporation (a major sogo shosha or general trading company) as its key advantages, JAMPT offers advanced capabilities in the field of metal AM.

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The Latest Equipment
and Full Production Capabilities

As Japan’s first metal AM service bureau,
JAMPT is equipped with
the latest equipment and full
production capabilities.

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