Message from the President

We at JAMPT Corporation believe that leveraging metal Additive Manufacturing (AM) technologies to digitalize manufacturing will contribute to creating a more prosperous society.

Takuya Otake

Sojitz Corporation along with Koiwai Corporation and Tohoku University Venture Partners have co-established JAMPT in October 2017 with technical advisor, Akihiko Chiba, professor at the Institute for Materials Research at Tohoku University to achieve the widespread popularization and penetration of metal AM technologies in Japan. Six years have passed since its foundation, and I assumed the position as the third CEO in October 2022.

The past three years with Covid-19 have been difficult for all of us, but we were able to accumulate the know-how of metal AM technology through closely working with a wide variety of customers. Although the digitalization in manufacturing in Western countries is currently superior, we believe that JAMPT’s expertise in metal AM technologies to digitalize manufacturing will help Japan catch up to our western competitors and play a big role in global stage in the near future.

【Corporate philosophy】
Create new value in manufacturing and a prosperous future with spirit of integrity and new AM technology.

Takuya Otake
President & CEO
JAMPT Corporation